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Campaign Details:
Story Arc
Part 1 – The Witchwood
Part 2 – The Ruins of Rhest
Part 3 – The Ghostlord’s Lair
Part 4 – Enemy at the Gates

Wyrmlords (and their dragons):
- High Wyrmlord Azarr Kul (Tyrgarun)
- Wyrmlord Koth (Ozyrrandion)
- Wyrmlord Saarvith (Regiarax)
- Wyrmlord Ulwai Stormcaller (Varanthian)
- Wyrmlord Hravek Kharn (Abithriax)


Drellin’s Ferry
- Town Speaker Norro Wiston, leader of the Town Council
- Captain Soranna Anitah, leader of the Town Guard
- Brother Derny, highest-ranking local cleric (Pelor)
- Sertieren the Wise, most powerful local arcane spellcaster
- Delora Zann, retired adventurer and member of the Town Council
- Kellin Shadowbanks, prominent innkeeper and member of the Town Council
- Iormel, local miser and member of the Town Council
- Avarthel, local druid and forest ranger
- Jarett Nurth, general store owner
- Morlin Coalhewer, swordsmith and armorer
- Jorr Natherson, hermit of Witchwood

- Miha Serani, succubus and spy

Nimon Gap

- Lord Kerden Jarmaath, Lord of Brindol
- Lady Verrasa Kaal, leader of mercantile House Kaal
- Captain Lars Ulverth, leader of the Lion Guard
- Immerstal the Red, foremost wizard of the town
- Rillor Paln, master of the Black Knives
- Eldremma Axenhaft, a merchant and provisioner of hires out mercenaries
- Shining Servant Tredora Goldenbrow, most prominent cleric of Pelor in town


Starsong Hill, home of the Tiri Kitor
- Speaker Sellyria Starsinger, leader of the Tiri Kitor
- High Singer Trellara Nightshadow, sister of the slain hunter Lanikar
- Killiar Arrowswift, Battlehunter (leader) of the Tiri Kitor hunters
- Illian Snowmantle, Starsong Hill’s only cleric

Vraath Keep
Skull Gorge
Ghostlord’s Lair
- The Ghostlord

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