Lady of the Noble House of Volkoss


Karin grew up in the Noble House of Volkoss, a diplomatic family of Thay. The Volkoss family prided itself on it’s ability to moderate discussions between powerful and dangerous factions and people. The family was well respected, and their opinions mattered to a lot of people. Though the family was well-off, their real value was in the influence they held over the ruling courts of Thay. Then another lich took over Thay, and the balance of power was upset. Bend on destruction and chaos and tyranny, he had no need for a family that brokered peaceful transactions to mutual benefit. Volkoss was the first family to be destroyed by the new regime. Assassins took out the family in the middle of the night, but Lady Karin’s personal manservant Rogar protected her, and bought her escape with his life.

Karin fled the country, and Rogar’s ghost protected her from attackers, throwing people about, and occasionally manifesting himself. She payed her way by assisting local adventurers. Eventually she came to Elsir Vale, and heard of the looming threat of a goblin horde, and a party from Drellin’s Ferry who are fighting it. She met with them as they began to travel into the Blackfens. There she met the Tiri Kitor, and made a place for herself with the leaders Trellara Nightshadow and Sellyria Starsinger. Removing the threat from the ruins of Rhest helped solidify those bonds.

When the party left for Brindol, Karin found her place. Here was a place where nobles needed guidance against a common foe. This was her bread and butter, and after helping the party determine it’s destination and speeding them on their way, she worked her way onto the Defense Council as an advisor to Lord Jarmaath.


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