Red Hand of Doom

The Defense Council of Brindol
Preparing the city against the Red Hand horde

Lady Karin of the Noble House of Volkos. Karin smiled. It had been a long time since she had been introduced thus. When she had arrived at Brindol with that party of adventurers, the opportunity had seemed almost too good to be true. Here was a city filled with nobles looking for guidance on facing a threat the likes of which had not been seen in living memory. This was where she was needed. This was where she excelled.

To aid the adventurers she was leaving, she needed to gain access to the libraries safeguarded by the Academy of Brindol. That’s when she met Immerstal the Red, a strange man jealous of his power. It took all of Karin’s wiles to convince him that she was no threat to his standing, and that she could prove a valuable ally. Reluctantly he agreed, granting access to the libraries. There she met Drox, a wizard in the service of Captain Lars Ulverth, who commanded the elite Lion Guard of Brindol. The wizard seemed interested in Karin’s tale of adventure, especially when she hinted that with her absence, the party might require services such as his. In this way she managed to procure a meeting with the Captain, who was appalled by the scope of the threat facing Brindol, and readily agreed to allow Drox and a promising Lion named Trevar to support the party.

From Ulverth, it was an easy step to reach an audience with Lord Jarmaath, who ran the city. Captain Ulverth wished to apprise the lord of the dangers facing the city, and urge him to take measures immediately to protect as many people as he could. Lord Jarmaath brought the wealthy merchants and landowners to the table, and so Karin became part of the Defense Council. Though she often took no active stance, her suggestions helped guide the council to reach compromises and avoid weaknesses they might have missed. She also proved most effective in maintaining civility between the rival lords, keeping them focused on the looming threat rather than their age-old petty quarrels.

When the party returned, everything changed. They brought with them a Wyrmlord whom they had captured. Being the best at these things, Karin convinced her that Ulwai’s best option was to cooperate. This is what they discovered from her:

  • There are four Wyrmlord generals, Koth (slain), Saarvith (escaped), Ulwai Stormcaller (captured), and Hravek Kharn (unknown)
  • Each Wyrmlord has a dragon- Ozyrrandion (green, escaped), Regiarax (black, escaped), Varanthian (behir, slain), and Abithriax (red, not met)
  • High Wyrmlord Azarr Kul and his blue dragon Tyrgarun do not ride with the main body of the horde
  • The army was to be supplemented with hill giants, ogres, The Ghostlord and his undead (stopped and slain), greenspawn razorfiends (destroyed), and an infernal host from Tiamat’s court (?!).
  • Azarr Kul plans on sweeping through Brindol and claiming Dennovar as well, ensuring his dominion over the whole of Elsir Vale.
  • Azarr Kul has united all the goblinfolk under one banner using power granted from a long-abandoned shrine to Tiamat
  • Ulwai can provide the location of the Fane of Tiamat, which is some 170 miles away in the Wyrmsmoke Mountains.

Once the Wyrmlord was taken to the prison, plans for the defense of Brindol continued in earnest. The points of contention worked out were:

  • The civilian population is being evacuated to Dennovar. This will minimize collateral damage during the siege of Brindol.
  • Major roads will be barricaded and alleyways blocked.
  • Red smoke pots will be set up to alert everyone that a wall has been breached.
  • There will be no pitched battle outside the walls. The army will man the walls.
  • The clerics will not be housed in the Cathedral, but placed in groups not far from the gates.
  • The adventuring party will serve as a strike team at key locations.
  • Immerstal the Red and Lady Karin will help set up telepathic links between key personnel.

By this time it was late evening, tempers were running high, and Karin suggested that the Defense Council call it a night. She took the opportunity to visit Ulwai Stormcaller in her cell, and asked her a few more questions. She could shed no more light on who had actually stolen the Ghostlord’s phylactery, explaining that he reported directly to Azaar Kul, but was known titularly as the Hand of Tiamat. She also could reveal little about the infernal host of creatures that the High Wyrmlord was attempting to summon, except that for almost a month, he has been out of contact because of a ritual that she assumes is for this purpose.

Concerned, Lady Karin approached Tredora, the high priestess of Pelor, and echoed the suggestion that if Tiamat were taking such a heavy hand in this, would not Pelor feel compelled to intervene? Tredora said that she had just prayed to Pelor on that very point, and that he had agreed that IF such an infernal host were to descend upon Elsir Vale, a host of angels would oppose them. Tredora then swept off to see how Bardul was recovering.


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